Broadway, musicals and theaters has been one of the greatest highlights of entertainment in New York. Broadway is the theater district of New York City wherein you can enjoy musicals and theater acts and the best place if you are looking for classic entertainment. It is a necessary New York experience for every traveler who visits New York City to see a Broadway show. There are a lot of musical shows to see like Hamilton, Phantom of the Opera, The King and I, Mama Mia! and The Lion King and a whole lot more.

After seeing a show in Broadway there are also a lot of things to do. Near the Broadway, musicals and theaters district are also bars and restaurants nearby to go to after seeing a show. VIP Connection would like to recommend the following places for you to go to after the show.

If you want to go on an intimate and quiet restaurant then below are the list of restaurants to go to.

  • Gabriel Bar and Restaurant
  • Langan’s Bar and Restaurant
  • Lillie’s Victorian Bar & Restaurant
  • Churrascaria Plataforma
  • Pomaire

If you are an outdoor type of person then these are the places for you.

  • Bogota Latin Bistro
  • Paradou
  • Inside Park at St. Bart’s

Maybe you want to go to a pizza or burger chain. These places are well recommended.

  • Famous Joe’s Pizza
  • 5 Napkin Burger – Hell’s Kitchen

Enjoy the luxurious way of going to Broadway by booking a private transportation service with us. No more driving, traffic and parking problems. We will take you to the show, pick you and your date up after the show and if you want to extend your date we will be more than willing to take you to the places you want to go. Broadway, musicals and theaters are best experienced with VIP Connection.