Shopping in NYC Limo Service

Shopping in NYC Limo Service

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Shopping in NYC Limo Service


New York City has amazing shopping spots. Parking in Manhattan is a hassle and expensive. If you are planning on shopping in Manhattan, then it is a great idea to hire our Shopping in NYC Limo Service for the day. Manhattan is not a small place, and walking around with shopping bags is a hassle. It is also very hard to get a taxi during most times of the day.  This is especially true if you are going to be carrying a lot of bags. Many taxi drivers don’t want to stop and pick up someone who has lots of shopping bags because they don’t like to waste time loading the trunk with packages.

Request a ride from us and our driver will pick you and your friends up and take you from one shopping paradise to another, through our shopping in NYC limo service. Additionally, your driver can also help with your bags and purchases along the way.

Through our shopping in NYC limo service, you are not walking against the brutal weather, lugging your purchases behind you, and hoping you find your car.  Instead, call us and relax in a luxurious, temperature-controlled vehicle between shops. VIP Connection provides you with the best shopping in NYC limo service.



For all of your NYC shopping transportation needs, we recommend that you reserve your vehicle and driver by the hour.  This ensures that your vehicle is waiting for you when you are done shopping.



Barneys New York – 660 Madison Avenue, New York NY (61st St.): Barneys New York serves an upscale clientele, with prices and products to match. Typically, the better dressed you appear, the better service you will receive, so dress the part if you want the best service. The uptown location on Madison Avenue attracts shoppers from the nearby Madison Avenue boutiques more than the crazed downtown department stores, which can be a relief if you’re looking to avoid the crowds.

Bergdorf Goodman – 754 Fifth Avenue, New York NY (59th St.): Visit Bergdorf Goodman and discover quintessential Manhattan elegance and sophistication. Shoppers here scout out the latest top-of-the-line fashions from timeless designers such as Valentino, Prada and Yves Saint Laurent and pay full price to take them home.

Sak’s Fifth Avenue – 611 Fifth Avenue, New York NY (49th St.): Famous for its extravagant and ornate holiday window displays, offers unmatched selections of luxurious clothing, jewelry, and formalwear.

Henri Bendel – 712 Fifth Avenue (56th St.): Although a conglomerate purchased Henri Bendel in the 1980s, this four-story luxury department store still exudes the atmosphere of an exclusive boutique. Founded by its namesake in 1895, Bendel attracted clients like the Astors and the Vanderbilts by importing designer wares and reportedly staging New York City’s first-ever fashion show.

Lord & Taylor – 424 Fifth Avenue, New York NY (39th St.): Though it hasn’t the breadth of Macy’s, the panache of Barney’s or the oomphy chutzpah of Bloomingdale’s, something is always on sale at Lord & Taylor. This smaller, bells-and-whistles-free department store publishes sale catalogs weekly, with deals on everything from seasonal looks and outerwear to personal essentials like cosmetics and intimates.

Macy’s – 151 W. 34th Street , New York NY (at Broadway): As the world’s largest department store and a registered New York City landmark, Macy’s is more of a shopping empire than a mere retailer. Seven floors of merchandise, from beauty products and men’s fashion to dinnerware and designer slip dresses, fill the store’s one million square feet of retail space—that’s one solid city block of stuff, seven stories high. Each and every day, thousands of sightseers and city dwellers coast through the glass and wrought iron doors on 34th Street into the mammoth Herald Square flagship, Macy’s home since 1902.

Bloomingdale’s – 1000 Third Avenue, New York NY (59th St.): This Eastside art-deco landmark has been serving sophisticated New York shoppers since 1886. One of the city’s earliest high-end department stores, Bloomingdale’s has since evolved into a more democratic institution where mid-priced products and designers share ample retail turf. Though big-ticket women’s collections can still be found, the store now seems geared more toward business people on lunch breaks and the ubiquitous tourists rather than ladies who lunch.



Tiffany & Co. – 727 Fifth Avenue, New York NY (56th St.): Long before Audrey Hepburn gazed longingly into its gorgeous windows, Tiffany’s sold its baubles in its signature blue boxes to the world’s elite, including President Abraham Lincoln. Today, the iconic jewelry emporium continues to attract the rich, famous and powerful, as well as tourists eager to gawk and spend, too. First established as a stationery and fancy goods store in lower Manhattan in 1837, Tiffany moved to its current location in 1940.

NBA Store – 666 Fifth Avenue, New York NY (53rd Street): This bustling basketball temple carries every NBA and WNBA product conceivable—from pencils and authentic jerseys to jewelry and footwear.

H&M – 731 Lexington Avenue, New York NY (59th St.): Nowhere does high style meet mass market more thoroughly than at H&M, the Swedish clothing giant that invaded US shores in 1998. With a penchant for knocking off couture runway looks—and selling them with middling quality at bargain-basement prices, H&M is an easy place to find an outfit that lasts exactly a season, or just long enough for it to fade from style.

Adidas Originals Store – 136 Wooster Street, New York, NY (Prince St.): While the brand’s Sports Performance Store stocks more functional merchandise, this small and stylish Soho boutique sells Adidas’ form-over-function wares, most of which reference its aesthetic heyday from the 60s through the 80s. In the warmer months, the shop’s garage-door façade opens to the street, allowing salespeople and customers to mingle outside or sit on beach chairs.