VIP Connection offers a line of Sprinter vans that can carry up to 14 passengers. Our Sprinter car services are ideal for parties, group travels or corporate business travels.  Our luxury Sprinter vans are simply exceptional and are plainly the finest in the business with a gleaming black exterior,  cream/beige interior that is extremely popular for business VIPs and celebrities.

Our luxury Sprinter vans are optimized whether you are headed for a party or your group is headed for a corporate meeting. You can start your party or polish some last minute documents while you are on the road.  The interior of our Sprinter vans is similar to the interior of a high-end private jet. Our vans are equipped with DVD players, teleconferencing phone, a satellite TV, a mini-bar, foldaway desks for light reading or any last minute work to attend to and among other comfortable amenities. Whether you are getting some work done while you are on the road or merely entertaining guests this is the recommended vehicle for you.

In addition to its beautiful interior design, our Sprinter car services are also chauffeured by the finest chauffeurs in New York City. Trained and are educated in all the latest rules on the road. They are also trained with defensive driving and are regularly checked for drug testing.  Alongside our chauffeurs are also our dispatching teams who checks and updates your itinerary to make sure that you won’t be late for your appointment or flight.

The next time you and your peers arrive in New York and are in need of a reliable vehicle then give us a call before your departure and we will take care of your transportation needs. VIP Connection is here to make your transportation needs easier.