Why Do Commercial Passenger Vehicles Rarely Crash?

Have you ever wondered why so many car or bike crashes every year, while commercial passenger vehicles like buses do not so much? These are seen primarily in movies but seldom in real life. And when it happens, it makes headlines. Ever thought why? It’s because it happens so rarely. So, what makes commercial passenger vehicles so safe?

  1. Highly Trained Drivers

Drivers of commercial passenger vehicles are highly trained, who hold commercial driver’s licenses. These are extremely hard to obtain. A person has to undergo strict training and an even more rigorous on-road testing process. Post-training, the driver must pass a stringent driving test to get authorized with ‘Passenger Endorsement’ that proves the driver is ready to commit to driving duty with the care necessary to keep passengers safe while driving.

  1. Multiple Rounds of Inspection

Every commercial passenger vehicle such as bus, shuttle van, and limousine is inspected thoroughly before every trip. Engine condition, tires, undercarriages, indicators, brake, accelerator, headlights, etc., are checked meticulously before the trips. Safe trip helps in ensuring high client retention and new bookings. It provides less likelihood of mechanical failure and reduces the chances of collision.

  1. Regular Maintenance

Every transportation company that operates commercial passenger vehicles regularly services them. They are legally bound to ensure the prime running condition of each vehicle to keep their commercial license. Therefore, customers can rest assured that every vehicle they book is in prim-and-proper condition both mechanically and aesthetically – interior and exterior.

  1. Anticipate Wide Turns

Big commercial vehicles like buses need extra turning room. Therefore, drivers of such vehicles are advised to start turning from the middle lane or swing wide. They must never try to squeeze by or get between an already turning vehicle and the curb.

  1. Driving Technique

Lastly, driving technique. Drivers of commercial passenger vehicles are required to ensure the highest level of carefulness to guarantee the safety of the passengers. They never tailgate. While changing lanes or making U-turns, they look left-right-left-right:

  1. Drivers look at the vehicle’s left side as that’s the lane they will be pulling into.
  2. They look right to check the curb line that no pedestrians are walking into their path or bicyclists are riding in the wrong direction.
  3. Another quick look to the left and again right to check the road surface is smooth, and there are no ditches or potholes.

Professional drivers also never back up. They follow the ‘First Move Forward’ system while driving and parking the vehicles. They always park their vehicles in a way that doesn’t require them to back up and thus avoid collisions. Professional commercial passenger vehicle drivers are advised never to speed, never to tailgate, and never to press the brake unnecessarily.

6. Never Drive with Fatigue or Under Influence

This is the first rule of driving. While going on a long trip, drivers take regular intervals to stretch and freshen up. Often for longer trips, they get a backup driver to relieve them. During driving, alcohol and drug consumption impair the drivers’ judgment and reflex time. Therefore, professional drivers never drive under the influence.

These driving tips are golden not only for commercial drivers; they can be followed by anyone who can drive. So, next time you take your car out, make sure to follow these driving tips and tricks.