Airport Near NYC

The easiest airport to get to Manhattan would depend on your travel plans and preferences. But in general, here are the Airport near NYC,

  • John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) and Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) are both located outside of the city, and while they offer more international flight options, they can take longer to reach Manhattan.
  • LaGuardia Airport (LGA) is located closer to Manhattan and is the most convenient airport for travelers looking to reach Manhattan quickly. It’s about 8 miles (13 kilometers) from Manhattan, and the estimated travel time by car or taxi is approximately 30 minutes, depending on traffic conditions. Public transportation options such as the subway or bus are also available and will take longer, around 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Another option is to take a helicopter ride to Manhattan, it only takes 8 minutes, but it’s more expensive than other options.

It’s worth considering your travel plans and preferences, as well as the flight options available, before choosing which airport to fly into.

How far is Manhattan from LGA Airport ?

LaGuardia Airport (LGA) is located in Queens, New York City. Manhattan is located on an island to the west of Queens, across the East River.

The distance between LaGuardia Airport and Manhattan depends on the specific location in Manhattan, but generally, it’s around 8 miles (13 kilometers). The estimated travel time by Airpot car Service is approximately 30 minutes, depending on traffic conditions. Public transportation options such as the subway or bus also available and will take longer, around 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Whether you’re a NY native or just visiting NYC area, our chauffeur service provides a professional driver who can safely and efficiently transport you to your destination. This allows you to avoid the stress of navigating unfamiliar roads and finding parking, and also frees up your time to do other things, such as work or relax. Additionally, with VIP Connection chauffeur service can provide a level of comfort and luxury, as all of our chauffeurs are well-trained and drive high-end vehicles. Reserve your personal driver today.

Traveling for work most of the time is stressful. Unlike leisure travel when you’re mentally prepared to relax and unwind, business travels entail last-minute meetings, paperwork, travel and stay arrangements, if you are traveling abroad, where you do not speak the local language then additional interpreters arrangement – all in all it is extremely stressful.

But what if we say there’s a way you can make it as stress-free as possible? It may sound impossible, but read on to know more!

Book Red Eye Flights

Want to save some money and avoid traffic while you are at it? Then book red-eye flights. They tend to be much cheaper than morning or afternoon flights.

You can get some shut-eye while you are flying and reach your destination and attend your meeting feeling refreshed.

You get to avoid traffic to and from the airport is an added bonus.

Send Out-of-Office Notification & Set up A Backup Contact Person

You can only do so much at once. If you are going on a business trip, try to focus on one thing at a time.

Back at the office, you might be working on multiple projects. But while you are traveling, it’s best to concentrate on the client you are meeting and give them your undivided attention. This practice can go a long way when it comes to ensuring successful client servicing.

To do that, send an Out-of-Office email and message to all your clients and colleagues and set up a contact person who will be stepping into your shoes until you are back.

Pre-book Your Stay & Make Restaurant Reservations

One way to ensure a stress-free, hassle-free travel is by pre-booking your hotel and making reservations at your preferred restaurants if you need to go on a dinner or lunch with your client.

Some restaurants have long waiting times. Therefore, it’s best if you make restaurants in advance.

Pro Tip: When you are booking your stay, try to stay in hotels of the same hotel chain everywhere. This way you’ll become a priority customer and even may get additional benefits and discounts.

Forget Rental Cars Transportation

When you are traveling to a new destination, you might be unaware of the roads, traffic conditions, and shortcut routes of the city.

Therefore, you should avoid renting self-drive cars and rely on professional chauffeured rental car providers.

Pro Tip: Book your transportation in advance to ensure a stress-free travel.

Get picked up from the airport, let professional chauffeurs help you with your baggage, and drive you around the city to and from your hotel, meeting venue, and for errands.

All you have to do is sit back, relax, and let your chauffeur handle the rest. You can use the travel time to make phone calls, and get some last-minute work done as well.

These steps might seem small, but they are essential to ensure a relaxing yet productive business trip. At VIP Connection, we go to great lengths to give you a memorable riding experience. Book your car today!

New York City – one of the world’s largest and busiest business, financial, and cultural
centers. It’s home to numerous Fortune 500 companies; the financial hub of the entire USA
and possibly the world; and the center of art, culture, and entertainment. Traveling to New
York can be exciting in general, but if you are in a hurry to reach somewhere for an
important meeting or appointment, traveling on the road and navigating the traffic can be a
nightmare unless you know shortcuts. So, hiring an executive chauffeured car service is your

Who are Chauffeurs & How Are They Different from Drivers?
Chauffeurs are highly skilled professionals whose primary job is to drive executives or
individuals on a daily basis, a. Most chauffeurs are clad in company uniform. In most cases,
it is a dark suit. However, some companies insist that chauffeurs wear white gloves and hats
as well. On the other hand, a driver is a general term often used to describe someone who
drives buses or a non-passenger car.
What are the Benefits of Hiring an Executive Chauffeured Car Service?

  1. Value for Money
    When you are a high-paying executive or a businessperson you expect only the best.
    Executive chauffeured car service companies or corporations understand the value for your
    time and money. That’s why Executive Chauffeured Car Services demand professional
    behavior, punctuality, and politeness from every chauffeur. They are trained to deliver high-
    quality service and maintain client confidentiality.
  2. Avid Knowledge of Roads and Shortcuts
    When you are on the go and have multiple meetings in a day, a delay is often inevitable,
    which in turn might affect your next appointment across town. It is, therefore, invaluable to
    receive service from an experienced chauffeur who knows shortcuts so that you are never
    late for a meeting or function. Executive chauffeured car service companies ensure that their
    chauffeurs are highly knowledgeable about the shortcut routes in New York so that you can
    get to your appointments on time.
  3. Clean and Highly Well-Maintained Cars
    The reputation of an executive chauffeured car service company depends on whether their
    fleet of cars is clean and well-maintained, both aesthetically and mechanically. The
    companies ensure their cars are new and luxury vehicles so that the companies or
    individuals who are hiring have options to choose from – Town Cars, SUVs, Cadillac,
    Mercedes Benz, or even Limousine. As a customer, you can rest assured that you’ll never
    come across a breakdown while on the go.
  4. Car Parking Hassle Eliminated

Parking in New York City can be troublesome. Most often people have to go multiple blocks
away to park their cars. This can cause much anxiety if you are already late for a meeting or
an important appointment. Therefore, it is highly recommended to be driven by an executive
chauffeured car so that you can easily reach your destination without having to worry about
parking. Your chauffeur can take care of that. While leaving, simply give him a call so that
the car can be waiting for you by the time you get out.

  1. Reliability
    Hiring an executive chauffeured car is reliable. All the chauffeurs undergo rigorous
    background checks, pass driving tests, and are well-trained, safe, and punctual. Therefore,
    as a customer, you don’t have to worry about anything and just enjoy your ride.
  2. Relaxed Car Ride
    There are times when you have to leave your house with a half-finished presentation. Life
    gets in the way and that can cost you a big promotion or a large client for your company.
    So, when you are in such a dire situation, rather than having to drive yourself and sacrificing
    that precious time, opt for an executive chauffeured car service. This would give you that
    extra bit of time to be more productive and get more things done on the go.
    How is Executive Chauffeured Car Service Different from Black Car Service?
    Often people get confused between executive chauffeured car service and black car service.
    Executive chauffeured car services are provided by a company and all the cars are owned
    by them and chauffeurs are their employees.
    On the other hand, black car service operates in a completely different manner. The drivers
    and cars operating for a black car service provider are all sub-contracted. A black car service
    provider only owns a few phone lines. When a customer calls a black car service company
    and places an order, they connect them with a driver who is immediately available, nearest
    to the pickup area, and charges the least. While chauffeurs of an executive chauffeured car
    service company are highly vetted, the checks conducted by black car service operators are
    often related only to the driver’s driving history and nothing more. Therefore, they might be
    unprofessional, unreliable, not punctual, or even unsafe. Additionally, the charges, in many
    cases, are not standard and need a more thorough examination.

Whenever you are expecting guests, there are ways you can make their visit memorable.

Be it for holidays or a wedding – if you have guests visiting from across state or abroad, welcome them and make their stay comfortable by following these 4 simple tips.

Save The Dates

If your guests are going to be in town for your or your closed one’s wedding, let them know the dates earlier on. This will give them enough time to plan their schedules, book flights, arrange stay, and take leaves from work accordingly. Not just for out of the state guests, practice this for all your guests.

Assist Them With Accommodation & Travel Plans

Let’s be real. Not many live in big mansions with plenty of guestrooms to accommodate many people. So the best alternative is to put them in a hotel or at least BnB.

No one is expecting you to foot the bills for your guests’ accommodation or their intra city transportation. But you can make their visit stress free and comfortable by assisting them check out affordable flight tickets, look for a reliable transport company, and find available accommodation near you.

Do Your Best To Keep Them Entertained

For whatever reason your guests are visiting – be it wedding, Christmas, Thanksgiving or any other – they are coming for you. So, make sure you spend enough time with them to make them feel welcome.

Grab dinner with them, arrange a barbeque, or even a potluck – these kinds of activities are great for catching up. Alternatively, you all can go on a short trip nearby together.

Organize Their Transportation

You can make a great impression as host/hostess on your guests when there’s a chauffeured car waiting for them to pick up when they reach their destination. Take care of their needs by arranging a great car with chauffeur from a reliable transportation company like VIP Connection for the entire duration of their stay. The chauffeur can even take them for sightseeing. This way you can be rest assured they are well taken care of when you are not available.

VIP Connection is the best limo service in New York that you can always choose no matter your transportation needs or budget. We have a fleet of luxury vehicles, the team, and the experience to offer you the best limo and chauffeur car service for you and your guests. Contact us as soon as possible, and we will customize a quote according to your specific needs.

Traveling to and from airports often is a stressful experience especially when you are in a hurry, mainly because they are situated outside the city limits in most cities.

If you are in town for business or pleasure, renting a car may seem a lucrative and freeing experience, in reality, it is much more hassle-prone and expensive than an airport car service. Here are some of the reasons:

Alternatives are costly

The most common alternative to airport car service is rental cars. But a rental car cost commonly includes the expense of renting the car, fuel, insurance, parking tickets, inconvenience and time wasted in pick-up and drop-off – the list is endless. When you hire a professional airport car service, your fee includes everything. All you have to do is pay and ride.

Airport car service for corporate flyers

Corporate flyers consist of the major customers of airport car service providers since they travel for business frequently. Airport car services offer the promise of convenience and stress-free travel.

Airport car service has many names – limousine services, chauffeured ground transportation, charter services, etc. Despite the difference in name, it’s all about practicality – for business travelers and leisure flyers alike.

You have your personal concierge

When you book an airport car service, rest assured that you will be treated like a king. Most airport car providers offer a personal concierge, who will greet you personally. Your chauffeur waits for you at the closest entry gate and assists you with your baggage. There’s no need for you to wait for your car or go in search of it and waste your valuable time.

Your booking is vetted

Airport car service providers take pride in providing a secure riding experience. Whether the client is a celebrity, a business owner, or a tourist, every time a booking is made, the transportation company contacts the particular airlines to vet the passenger’s identity, flight details, and arrival time. Only, upon receiving confirmation from the airline, does the reservation gets confirmed.

Flight status is tracked

On the day of the journey, the transportation company tracks the flight status. The car service company gets alerted about any changes in your flight status. In case of flight delay or cancellation, the car service company gets notified before you. Therefore, you can travel at peace.

45 minutes before the arrival of your flight, a greeter reaches the airport and confirms the assigned baggage claim area to ensure that he/she is waiting at the right spot to greet you. Everything is done seamlessly.

At VIP Connection, we do all these and beyond. We aim to provide you world-class transportation experience. All along your entire journey, we keep you updated, reminding you of your reservation, your arrival at the destination airport, the name of your chauffeur, assigned vehicle, and specific meeting instructions via text messages. That is called true convenience.

Next time you plan airport transportation, VIP Connection is your trusted partner.

Travelling is soul-soothing, except for the planning part. It can be stressful. You do not want to experience frustration when you realize you have forgotten to pack an important item after arriving at your destination!

It is especially maddening if you are traveling for business and discover an important document because of prior planning. The best way to avoid disappointments like this is to create a business travel planner that is customized to you. Here are our tips to make your journeys – business or pleasure – much easier.

Research your destination

  • Research about the area you’ll be traveling to. Consider things that may affect your trips, like political situation, cultural differences, crime rate, and business hours.
  • If you have some additional time left after work, you may even turn it into a ‘leisure’ trip and check out some tourist destinations.


Make travel arrangements

  • Ensure that your passport, ID, and appropriate visas are valid and you have them packed.
  • Prefer to book red-eye flights to avoid traffic and surged airfare.
  • Book accommodations close to your business venue.
  • Book local transport to and from the airport or train station. If you are traveling to a new destination, we suggest you book a professional chauffeured car service provider for your intra-city travel.
  • If you have airline reward points or are a part of hotel loyalty programs, consider booking with them. It will help you save a ton of money.
  • Use Global Entry, TSA PreCheck, or Clear for faster security checks.
  • Consider trip insurance to cover unforeseen circumstances.


Create an itinerary

  • Prepare a comprehensive itinerary to keep you on the right track. It could include your meeting dates, time, venue, address, people you are meeting, all your transportation and accommodation details, and even your local correspondence.


Prepare for your meetings

  • Establish quick pointers on goals and objectives for each of your meetings.
  • Review the names, roles, and titles of the people you’ll be meeting with.
  • Keep necessary documents and presentations in a shareable format.



  • Restock your travel supplies.
  • Pack based on TSA and other appropriate regulations.
  • Try to take only a carry-on suitcase. Even if you have a check-in bag, ensure you have essentials like your electronics and accessories, medications, and a change of clothes in your carry-on bag.
  • Prefer travel organizers to streamline your belongings and use plastic bags for toiletries to prevent leaks.
  • Stick to neutral colored clothing that can be worn in various ways.
  • Prepare a list of necessary and optional items.


  • Passport/visa, credit cards, bank cards, vaccination records, and personal ID (keep the digital copy of all your important documents in your cloud storage)
  • Toiletries
  • Local currency as cash
  • Electronics chargers and additional USB cords
  • Weather and culture appropriate clothes
  • An all-purpose kit with band-aids, stain remover, lint roller, breath mints, allergy medication, upset stomach medication, pain relievers, flu medication, hand sanitizer, face mask, and baby wipes


  • Notebook and pen
  • Noise-canceling headphones or earplugs
  • Casual clothes for evenings and weekends
  • Workout gear

Before Your Leave

  • Set up your out-of-office message.
  • Arrange your substitute who will be taking care of your responsibilities until you return.
  • Find someone to take care of your pets if you have any.
  • Give your itinerary and contact information to a trusted friend or family member so they know your whereabouts.
  • Make sure to stay hydrated.

Bonus tip

Even if you are on a business trip, take short strolls or take the scenic route to your meeting. You don’t want the only things you see are hotel rooms and conference centers!

It has been over two years, the onslaught of coronavirus has put a stop to the world. From delta variants to omicron, the global economy has struggled to get back on its feet. One of the major industries that have been affected immensely is the transportation sector, especially business transportation.

Although the sector is beginning to recover in the recent few months, a complete recovery is still two years away, as forecasted by the Global Business Travel Association. Surges in the Omicron variant, combined with slow vaccination rates and supply chain problems, have continued to hamper the total recovery.

However, global business travel spending is expected to jump more than 37% to more than $1 trillion this year. The pace of business travel recovery is crucial for airlines, hotels, ground transportation companies, and meeting space facility providers struggling to achieve the pre-pandemic profitability level.

The statistics show that in 2019 before the pandemic gripped the world, business travelers spent $1.4 trillion. The number dropped immensely in 2020. Business travel spending dropped 54% to $661 billion globally. However, as the world continues to stay on track to reopen despite new variants’ arrival, the business travel industry is also rebuilding its lost health.

The New Normal

The travel and transportation sector has adopted contactless processes to ensure health safety and limit coronavirus spread. Be prepared to be asked to show your vaccination records and get tested for covid-19 tests.

Latest Technological Advancements

Other technological advancements that might become part of the new “normal” include breathalyzers that detect virus particles within air droplets. Verifying vaccination status and/or using a breathalyzer may become a procedure used within hotels.

Hotel Changes

Hotels have done a great job of adapting to a contactless environment. If you haven’t stayed in a hotel recently, you can expect to check in and out digitally using your cell phone. Your phone will also unlock your room. Room service menus have been replaced with a QR code that connects you to the hotel room service, eliminating phone calls and touching physical menu cards to place an order. This provides faster, more convenient, and personalized service.

Ground Transportation Changes

The ground transportation industry offers limousine, executive car services, charter buses, taxis, ride-sharing solutions, airport transportation, and rental cars. Companies have made significant investments in technology, cleaning procedures, health awareness training, and sanitization to ensure the safety of both passengers and staff.

The luxury transportation industry, in particular, has made extreme efforts to protect its business traveler passengers. This includes the implementation of electrostatic sprayer disinfection, installing plexiglass screens, and adding amenities such as hand wipes for every passenger and complimentary masks.

Everyone would agree TSA security checks are nightmares for flyers. It has caused thousands of people even to miss their flights!

You can’t help if the TSA screens passengers at a snail’s pace. In addition to that, if you have a novice traveler in front of you in the queue, it’s another nightmare waiting to happen. These are beyond your control.

But what you can do is be prepared and take the necessary steps possible to make the screening process as fast as possible from your end. Here’s how you can do it.

Tip 1: Pack Smart

If you are traveling by flight, packing is an art you must master.

Your boarding pass, IDs, passports are some things that get checked frequently at the airport. So, remember to keep them in the outer compartment of your bag so that they are easily accessible.

Electronic items like mobiles, laptops, tablets, chargers, and other devices go through security checks. So, carry them in luggage that makes it easy for you to pack and unpack them quickly. Also, be sure to have all your electronics in your carry-on, not in your check-in baggage.

Tip 2: Prepare For Screening Lane

  • Remove your belt along with your wallet and store them (except for your ID) in your carry-on bag.
  • Ensure your pockets are empty except your ID and cell phone (if you have a digital boarding pass).
  • Untie your shoes to remove them before you reach the gray bins.
  • Place your laptop/tablet/other electronics in a single compartment.
  • Place your shoes, belt, and liquids in another bin.
  • Make sure your liquids are in a single Zip-Loc bag together

Tip 3: Choose Your Queue Strategically

If you are in a hurry to catch your flight, never stand behind a family with kids or that frazzled, discombobulated traveler who is woefully unprepared for an airport security check.

Tip 4: Get Global Entry

Opt for TSA PreCheck. It’s a lifesaver for frequent fliers as it allows flyers departing from the USA to go through a security check-in in under 5 minutes without having to remove their shoes, laptops, belts, and light coats.

But here’s a secret. You can get your Global Entry pass for free with certain American Express credit cards. If you also travel abroad, get a Global Entry pass for $100. It not only includes the perks of TSA PreCheck, but you will also be able to enter the USA through the automatic kiosks that scan your passport and fingerprint instead of standing in long customs lines.

Tip 5: Become An Elite Flier

Elite fliers enjoy loyalty rewards like special discounts, free upgrades, and other perks. Most airlines have a special security lane for their elite flyers, which is always less crowded.

Tip 6: Arrive Early

Airports are almost always overcrowded. Furthermore, chances of getting caught in traffic are also high. It is especially true if you are traveling from busy NYC airports like LGA, JFK Airpor or Newark Airport.

You can avoid unnecessary stress by arriving at the airport early. Rely on chauffeured airport car services from professional car rental companies VIP Connection

We provide an on-time car service. Our chauffeurs are trained and aware of shortcut routes to all California airports. So you can rest assured you will reach your destination safely. Not only that, we have an extensive fleet of luxury cars that will ensure you travel in style.

How to Apply for TSA PreCheck

1. Apply Online

Submit an online application in 5 minutes & schedule an appointment at any of 380+ enrollment centers.

2. Enroll in person

10-min in-person appointment that includes fingerprinting for a background check.

Wait Icon

Wait 5 Minutes or Less

In February 2022, 94% of TSA PreCheck® passengers waited less than 5 min.

Check Icon

Families Welcome

Children 12 and under can join a parent/guardian with TSA PreCheck® in the dedicated lanes.

Nationwide Icon

Nationwide Reach

More than 200 airports and 81 airlines provide TSA PreCheck®

For some people like corporate executives or celebs, chauffeured cars are a part of their regular life. But most people opt for chauffeured cars only on special occasions like weddings, bachelor parties, prom, homecoming, birthday parties, or even get together. As we all know the party starts as soon as you hit the road.

Although, there are some etiquettes and manners whenever you are opting for chauffeured transportation service from companies like VIP Connection to ensure a smooth and stress-free ride.

#1 Limited Guest Count

All vehicles have limited capacity. Although big chauffeured cars like stretch limos look like they have huge space inside, that’s not it. There is a limit to the number of people a car can safely carry. While reserving, ensure to mention the number of passengers and choose the right size car to enjoy safe travel.

#2 Entering/Exiting A Vehicle

Globally there’s a right and wrong way of entering/exiting a vehicle. Especially, women who are traveling in short dresses might find themselves in uncomfortable positions while doing so. All our chauffeurs are trained to assist our passengers.

The easiest way to enter a chauffeured vehicle is to wait for the chauffeur to open the door, and then take a seat with your legs facing the door. Once seated, position your body to face the front of the car and slide to your comfortable seat.

#3 Party Responsibly

Smoking of any substance is strictly prohibited inside any VIP Connection cars. Food and alcohol are allowed inside the car. But we request all the passengers to take the leftovers with you while vacating the vehicle. Since the chauffeur is responsible for the safe operation of the vehicle, please abide by his/her instructions.

#4 Do Not Trash The Car

While we love that you enjoy your ride with us along with your friends, make sure to keep the car clean. We urge you not to step on the seats with your shoes. Take empty bottles, wrappers, and cans along with you, and do not leave food on the leather car seats. While our chauffeurs clean the car after every ride, an excessively dirty car might cost you $400 extra.

#5 Tip

In the US, passengers are expected to tip chauffeurs 20% of the total fare. Since some companies add this to your bill automatically, you must check your invoice properly. Or you can ask the transportation company to charge the tip to your credit card directly along with the fare.

At VIP Connection, we provide high-end, safe, and reliable chauffeur service so that you travel stress-free and enjoy your ride to the fullest. Next time, when you are planning for luxury transportation, ensure to follow these etiquettes and manners for a comfortable drive. Get a quote for free from us.

Wedding day is the most special day for every bride and groom. But it is equally an extremely stressful process. It takes an army to make this day a success.

Transportation is a big part of the arrangements. Cars for bride and groom and their respective bridal parties; transportation for guests who are arriving from out-of-town, traveling back and forth from wedding venue to home, carrying gifts, and whatnot. Therefore, hiring a professional transportation company for all travel-related needs can reduce a lot of headaches. Below are a few reasons why you should consider a wedding shuttle.

  1. Eliminate Guest Parking Issues

A shuttle that can accommodate the bride/groom, their families, their entire bridal party and out-of-town guests is the best solution to avoid guest parking issues. This way you do not have to stress about holding the wedding downtown or in an area with limited parking space.

  1. Logistics

Getting everyone to and from the wedding venue can be daunting. It is especially true for your out-of-town guests who don’t know their way around the city or don’t have a car. So, if you hire a minibus that can accommodate up to 27 people or a luxury coach that can accommodate up to 50 people. This will help you radically minimize the number of trips from the wedding venue to the reception hall.

Furthermore, on the way, if there is a major conference or concert happening in the city on your wedding day, there are chances of having road closures, traffic jams or other factors that can affect your travel time. Professional limousine companies have all prior information about it; therefore, the drivers would know from where and how to navigate so that you or your guests are never late.

  1. Travel Together

Wedding day is already a hectic day. It gets by so quickly, in a blink you find yourself married to your special one. Rarely do you get to enjoy the day with your family and close friends. So, one of the biggest advantages of traveling together by shuttle is that you get a few extra minutes to spend with your family and they can congratulate you properly. Shuttle provides a perfect chance for the important people in your life to meet, mingle, and mix. It also keeps everyone safe by ensuring no one gets behind the wheel after drinking.

  1. Things to Bring

It’s natural for brides and grooms to be nervous before the wedding. Food is the last thing that comes to their mind due to the wedding jitters. But it is important to eat and stay hydrated to survive the entire day of festivities properly. You can bring light snacks on your shuttle. Ask the limo service to provide you with a cooler with complimentary bottled water to store food and snacks. Also, while returning at the end of the day, you might have many items to carry with you such as flowers, gifts, and other items. Don’t worry, your wedding shuttle has plenty of room for everything!

That’s not all, imagine how wonderful the photos will be together with all your loved ones! These are memories of a lifetime. Book your wedding shuttle with VIP Connection and make lifelong memories on the most special day of your life. We will not let transportation be a reason for your stress on your big day. We will ensure everyone shows up safely (and on time) while you concentrate on making memories with your partner and family.