Booking a Chauffeured Car Vs App-based Car Company

Chauffeured Car Vs App-based Car Company
Advantage of Booking a Chauffeured Car Versus Booking your Ride with an App-based Company

There are multiple transport options available to people these days to conveniently take them from one place to another. Those who own a car can drive themselves, while those who don’t can choose public transport, take a taxi, book a cab, or rent a limo. People may choose different modes of commuting on separate occasions, depending on their needs and budget.  However, one affordable transportation mode that never disappoints and ensures that you have an experience of a lifetime along with several other benefits is a chauffeured car service or a limo.

Renting a limo comes with perks that are difficult to experience while riding a vehicle booked through an app-based company. If you are having a hard time deciding whether to take a cab or a chauffeur-driven car for different traveling requirements, here are a few advantages that accompany a chauffeured car to facilitate decision making:

Always arrive on time

Private chauffeured cars are known for their punctuality which becomes essential, especially if you want a ride to the airport or attend a critical business meeting. Cab drivers are notorious for canceling rides after making customers wait for a considerable time. Companies offering chauffeured car service ensures that their client reaches the destination on time. If you are one of those who hate waiting for a ride to and from any location, a chauffeured car is the best option. They can even track the flight and change their schedule accordingly, so as to eliminate waiting time.

Ease of scheduling rides

Cabs may work fine when needing a vehicle at a particular moment. Private car companies offer the flexibility to schedule a ride. There is no time wastage in finding an available driver and waiting for him to accept the ride. Provide the private car company with the full itinerary, and a well-dressed chauffeur will be there to pick or drop you right on time. These companies operate round the clock that keeps people stress-free, saving them from the hassle of looking for a reliable and safe vehicle during odd hours.

Fixed pricing

Unlike app-based companies, chauffeured cars come with a fixed pricing, irrespective of the day and time. The customers know the exact amount they need to pay and involve no hidden costs or surprises. Cab companies charge surge pricing during odd or peak hours, and it may get tough to find a ride during these timings. They, at times, also charge more for longer distances or luggage loading and unloading.


Chauffeured cars are big luxurious vehicles that are ideal for group travels. They are incredibly spacious and can accommodate all the luggage when going out for a family vacation or all the team members traveling for lunch, day outing, a conference, or a seminar.

Clean and comfortable vehicles

Chauffeured accompanied vehicles are much cleaner and comfortable than cabs. While booking from an app-based company, you are unsure which car will arrive and how hygienic it will be. Cab drivers barely get time to clean the vehicle between rides, and the cab also does not have enough leg space and comfortable seating.

Luxurious amenities

People book a chauffeured car to experience luxury. Enjoy a drink, listen to music, watch TV, sit back, stretch legs, and relax on fine leather seats to arrive at the destination fresh and relaxed.

Leave a good impression

If you are looking to impress an important business client, wish to surprise a loved one on a special occasion, or arrive at a particular event in style, booking a chauffeured car is the way to go. The sophistication and luxurious feel of the vehicle are unmatched by any app-based company. These vehicles leave a lasting impression and make heads turn.

Professional drivers

All of us have dealt with an unpleasant cab driver at some point. Many of them drive recklessly and are in a hurry to finish a ride so that they can take the next booking as soon as possible to make maximum money. When reserving a chauffeured car, a professionally dressed driver with a smiling face arrives for the pickup and stays focused solely on safety and making the journey as pleasant as possible. He will happily accommodate a request for multiple stops before the destination without charging any extra amount. The drivers are experienced, well-trained, and familiar with local routes. Also, unlike cabs, every ride is insured, offering peace of mind to the traveler.

After looking at the various advantages, the choice seems simple between booking a chauffeured and a cab from an app-based company. Schedule a ride to and from any destination to travel in style and comfort.

About the author: This article is written by Ryan Curtis, founder of Central Illinois Limo Service.