It has been over two years, the onslaught of coronavirus has put a stop to the world. From delta variants to omicron, the global economy has struggled to get back on its feet. One of the major industries that have been affected immensely is the transportation sector, especially business transportation.

Although the sector is beginning to recover in the recent few months, a complete recovery is still two years away, as forecasted by the Global Business Travel Association. Surges in the Omicron variant, combined with slow vaccination rates and supply chain problems, have continued to hamper the total recovery.

However, global business travel spending is expected to jump more than 37% to more than $1 trillion this year. The pace of business travel recovery is crucial for airlines, hotels, ground transportation companies, and meeting space facility providers struggling to achieve the pre-pandemic profitability level.

The statistics show that in 2019 before the pandemic gripped the world, business travelers spent $1.4 trillion. The number dropped immensely in 2020. Business travel spending dropped 54% to $661 billion globally. However, as the world continues to stay on track to reopen despite new variants’ arrival, the business travel industry is also rebuilding its lost health.

The New Normal

The travel and transportation sector has adopted contactless processes to ensure health safety and limit coronavirus spread. Be prepared to be asked to show your vaccination records and get tested for covid-19 tests.

Latest Technological Advancements

Other technological advancements that might become part of the new “normal” include breathalyzers that detect virus particles within air droplets. Verifying vaccination status and/or using a breathalyzer may become a procedure used within hotels.

Hotel Changes

Hotels have done a great job of adapting to a contactless environment. If you haven’t stayed in a hotel recently, you can expect to check in and out digitally using your cell phone. Your phone will also unlock your room. Room service menus have been replaced with a QR code that connects you to the hotel room service, eliminating phone calls and touching physical menu cards to place an order. This provides faster, more convenient, and personalized service.

Ground Transportation Changes

The ground transportation industry offers limousine, executive car services, charter buses, taxis, ride-sharing solutions, airport transportation, and rental cars. Companies have made significant investments in technology, cleaning procedures, health awareness training, and sanitization to ensure the safety of both passengers and staff.

The luxury transportation industry, in particular, has made extreme efforts to protect its business traveler passengers. This includes the implementation of electrostatic sprayer disinfection, installing plexiglass screens, and adding amenities such as hand wipes for every passenger and complimentary masks.